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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trip to Douala and Mutengene - May 13-14, 2009

I went on my first out-of-town trip to do two site visits. The first stop was at the Embassy Branch Office in Douala, where we get a lot of support for our shipping and customs operations. Minimal U.S. citizen services are also available. The second stop on the trip was Mutengene to visit the lab renovation project for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

001 Leaving Yaoundé 002 Roadside Vendors 003 Banana Car 004 Toll Stop Vendors 005 Car Fire 006 Old Stone House 007 Health Center 008 Tall Trees in the Distance 009 Green 010 Brush Fire 011 Man and House 012 Speeding by the Overturned Truck 013 Accident 014 Halfway Point and Rest Stop in Edea 015 U.S. Flag to Signal Americans 016 Across the Street 017 House and Palm Trees 018 L'Amandine 019 Edea's Main Drag 020 Traffic in Edea 021 Texaco 022 Refinery 024 Crossing the Bridge 025 Let's All Bar the Way to AIDS 026 Leaving Edea 027 Thick Forest 028 Trees and Bridge 029 Traffic in Douala 030 Insurance Office à la 1960s Batman 031 Crazy Gate 032 Main Road into Douala 033 Shops 034 Douala International Airport 035 Hugest Shrimp I've Ever Eaten 036 Free Condoms 037 Marshes 038 No One Owns a Helmet in Cameroon 039 Truck Rest Area 040 Yalk Herd 041 Very Close to the Car 042 Traffic Jam 043 Blue Spots 044 Rubber Trees 045 Young Orchard 046 Banana Trees 047 Banana Bunches in Bags 048 Mutengene Shops 049 Various and Sundry Items 050 Trees on the CDC Compound 051 Road Going Up Behind CDC 052 Closeup of Roof and Trees 053 Basketball Court 054 Low-Hanging Tree Branch 055 Mangoes and Bird Nests 056 Back Wall 057 CDC Laboratory Construction 058 Main Hallway 059 Looking Out the Lab's Side Window 060 Dark Tree 061 View of Mutengene Down Below 062 CDC Storage Facilities 063 Another Dark Tree 064 Strange Purple Leaves 065 Leaving Mutengene 066 All Lined Up 067 Blurry Trees 068 Abandoned by the Banana Trees 069 Palm Nut Trees 1 070 Palm Nut Trees 2 071 Lady Restaurant 072 Gravel Truck Losing Its Cargo 073 Pink Van 074 Coffin in a Taxi 075 Beef Shwarma 076 Outside Douala 077 Bikes Going in Circles 078 Electrical Lines 079 Quiet Waters 080 No Longer on Fire 081 Mountain

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Wedding of Jean Basile Atangana and Michèle Eyenga - May 2, 2009

001 Entering the Church 002 Seats for the Bride, Groom, and Witnesses 003 Front of the Church 006 Flowers 008 View from the Front of the Church 009 Marcia, Sari, Kara, and Tasneem 010 Aaron, Dora, Kevan, Kate, and Me 011 Bridal Pew 012 Pew and Kneeler 013 Special Intentions Altar 014 Windows 015 Linus, Emmanuel, and Me 016 Wedding Program 017 Kneeling Guest 018 Altar and Cross 019 Altar in Selective Coloring (Brown) 020 Large Hat 022 Flower Girls and Ring Bearers 023 Bride and Groom at the Altar 024 Mother of the Groom 025 Bride and Groom 028 First Reading from Genesis 029 Second Reading from Ephesians 030 Gospel Reading from Matthew 032 Homily 033 Wedding Vows 1 035 Wedding Vows 2 036 Wedding Vows 3 037 Wedding Vows 4 038 Wedding Vows 5 039 Holding Hands 040 Kiss 041 Applause 043 Presentation of Bride and Groom 044 Speech from Priest 045 Gift from Prayer Group 047 Another Gift Presentation 048 Groom and His Mother 049 Church Offering 050 Line Dancing 051 Donors 054 Returning to Their Seats 055 Dancing in Honor of the New Couple

Monday, April 27, 2009

Yaoundé Newcomers Tour - April 25, 2009

The first 50 pictures I took are linked here. To see all 174 pictures, visit my Flickr page.

001 Through the (Cracked) Windshield 002 Creolink Communications 003 Government Bilingual Primary School Bastos 004 Rond-Point Bastos 005 Burned-Down House by the Embassy 006 Detail of House 007 Scaffolding 008 Main CAC to the Embassy 009 Soccer Field 010 En Route to Mount Fébé 011 Roundabout near the Presidential Palace 012 Guards at the Presidential Palace 013 View Out the Right Side of the Car 014 Yaoundé through the Trees 015 Going Up the Mountain 016 Entrance to the Papal Nuncio 017 Guard House at Greek Embassy 018 Palais des Congrès, Yaoundé Golf Club, and the U.S. Embassy 019 Back of the U.S. Embassy 020 Safari Hotel Nsam 021 Top of Mount Fébé 022 Naptime 023 Houses at the Mountain Base 024 SNL Private Property 025 Aaron and Me 026 Yaoundé 027 Embassy of Malta 028 Signs 029 Benedictine Monastery 030 Church Entrance 031 No Littering 032 Iris, Brad, and Aaron 033 Monastery Garden 034 Gravestones 035 Tour Group 036 View from the Back of the Monastery 037 Aaron Likes Plants 038 Mean-Looking Plants 039 Mountaintop in the Background 040 Front Garden041 Giant Mango 042 Museum Entrance 043 Cloister044 Terra Cotta Figurine 045 Sleeping Kitty 046 Purple Rocks 047 Leaving the Monastery 048 John Posing with the Mango 049 Entrance to the Palais des Congrès 050 En Route to the Palais des Congrès

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Driving to and from Casino, a French Grocery Store Chain

Driving here is certainly an experience. I didn't get pictures in the grocery store, but there was a little boy who decided he would be helpful and report to me (in French) that our car had been hit while we were shopping. There was no damage to the car. I didn't like the fact that I had to get an Xterra, I am loving that SUV more and more each day.

Attempting to Make a Left Turn Crazy Taxi One of Four Traffic Lights in Yaoundé Hilton Pick a Lane, Dude Cluster of Cars Cameroonian Flags Chinese-Built Stadium Passing Close Call No Sidewalk - So I'll Make My Own Cameroonian Body Kit Tradex Gas Station Entrance to Old Mahima

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I've arrived!

A sampling of images from my first few days in Cameroon.

Hen and Chicks One Block Away from Us Grassy Field Field Near the Embassy Praying or Exercising in the Middle of the Roundabout Presidential Palace Taxi Stray Chickens on Our Street No Kidding Chickens Eating Trash Down the Street Random Car...Because Why Not Turning into Our Neighborhood Stuffed Tiger Seller Driving in the Middle of the Road Rush Hour Let's walk in the middle of the road! No Traffic Laws A Rare Safe Moment on the Road Mosque Driving Home on l'Avenue Jean-Paul II

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snow in Northern Virginia

Today was the first (and probably last) big snow of the winter. I guess the groundhog was right. I apologize for calling him a liar too soon. Several of us engaged in some friendly snowball warfare, which explains the last picture. Won't see snow at all where I'm headed in three weeks, so I'm enjoying it as much as I can.

Snow on the Balcony View from My Apartment at 7:45 AM FSI Parking Lot Language Buildings Tree Covered in Snow Three Branches Snow Closeup Manhole Cover Branch Closeup After the Snowball Fight

Monday, December 22, 2008

Roland's Farewell Party - December 19, 2008

Good luck to Roland, the first of our A-100 to depart for post!

Bill Smiling Widely Nachos that I Couldn't Eat The Two Newest EEO Counselors for the Department of State's Office of Civil Rights Trishita and Me Trishita, Masami, Natayla, and Me My Belgian Trappist Ale Larry, Tom, Nick, Logan, and Me Morgan, Logan, and Ryan Raising a Glass to Roland Cheers! Noah, Molly, and Tom Noah, Molly, Tom, and Me Tom Trying to Be Straight Nick Joining in the Fun Growing Group Photo 141 Love Still Trying to Look Straight

Saturday, November 01, 2008

141st A-100 Festivities

141st A-100 Flag Day - October 24, 2008

Mark Anxious Families Claire and Booyeon Christian and Syga Susie, Trishita, and Claire Mounting Anticipation Rachel and Koen Jacob Marisa and Me Mark, Logan, and Aaron Ryna, Bridget, and Wesley Doug The Flags Partying at Rock Bottom

Post-Flag Day Party at Mark's House - October 25, 2008

Morgan and Wolfgang Larry (Soon to Be PNGed) and Nick Chatting Tom and Wesley Toasting Tom Arati, Bridget, Wesley, and Me with Our Shots Ryna and a Russian Hat Bridget, Wesley, Fred, and Ryna Ryna and Me Snack Area Wesley and Masami Natalya and Me

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Anna's First Assignment

So what did Flag Day yield for me?
Aaron and I will finally be reunited in March 2009 when I go off to Cameroon to take up my first job as a diplomat. I am thrilled, of course, and I cannot wait to go.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

141st A-100 Offsite - The Woods, West Virginia

Getting Ready to Lift the Tarp Other Side's Preparations Revealing the Tackleboxes Done Finishing Success Beijing Hookers Closeup of Our Flag Keisha Enjoying Her Drink Cheryl and Bill Otto Starting the Follies CDO Song Dana and Andy Dancing Maeve, Karen, and Nathan Nathan and Karen Falling Asleep Death by Power Point Post-Stepford Institute The Crowd Clapping for Two Ambassadors at Once Ambassadors Rich and La June Clapping for the Secretary of State Bid List Idol Woody Singing about Abu Dhabi Larry Singing about Monterrey Judgment from Simon Molly Singing about Djibouti Rich Singing about All the Posts Fred and His New Russian Friend Class Impressions Molly/Karen and Arati/Nathan Logan/Woody Kerry/Random Former Intern Roland/Behrang Larry/Noah Megan/Masami James Protecting Classified Sean Connery Alex Trebek Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin and His Interpreter, and Sean Connery Diplomatic Celebrity Jeopardy Sean Connery at Final Jeopardy Sean Connery's Famous Answers Phillip Nelson Live in Concert Weekend Update Logan Taking the MLAT Final Song Half of the Beijing Hookers That's Some Mighty Fine Hookering Slowly Reeling In the Catch Bridget Claiming the Prize Beijing Hookers Continue to Be Awesome Other Half of the Beijing Hookers All Four Boxes Successfully Recovered Chansonette Displaying the Detonator The Bomb and Our Prize Boom Andrew on the First Lock Andrew on the Second Lock Kathrine Climbing the Fence Rusty Chainlink Fence Trying the Combination Again Cheering for the Holy Grail(s) Second Treasure Chest Containing the Grails James Passing Them Out Assembling for the Group Photo Not Quite Ready Still Not Quite Ready 141 The Beijing Hookers

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